Bruce D. Robinson Design Group
Who We Are
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28 Central Parkway West, Cincinnati, OH 45202 513-651-9100
Who We Are

We are a team of entertainment design specialists, passionate
about our work and the success of our clients.

Our Design Mission Has 5 Essential Characteristics:

Vision: We look beyond the obvious to discover new ideas, concepts and solutions.

Imagination: We use ingenuity and originality to conceive an environment that captivates visitors.

Unique Design: Our theatrical approach to architecture and design creates a believable fantasy for visitors.

Practicality: Our design creates comfort for visitors and efficient operation for owners.

Economic Insight: We use design to increase attendance and revenue and generate repeat business.

The Company

The Bruce D. Robinson Design Group consists of three distinct companies which combine their talents to provide a complete design and planning resource to the Leisure and Entertainment industries.

Bruce D. Robinson Design

Bruce D. Robinson Architecture

Bruce D. Robinson Museum Design

We have built our reputation by providing creative yet practical design solutions. We understand the leisure customer and how to design environments to meet their needs. Our hands-on, team-based design style brings the design expertise, the visionary skills and the extensive entertainment industry knowledge of our key designers to each project we undertake.

Our goal is to provide creative solutions to the design challenges of every project through imaginative theming and responsible design and to deliver the best service in the industry.